Over 32,000+ Women Protected!

Stops Leaks For Good & Experience Lasting Incontinence Relief

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Why you NEED MyBliss Panties ?

No more leaks, 100% ultra-absorbent

Regain Comfort & Peace of Mind

Machine washable & Sexy

30-day money-back guarantee

Stops Leaks For Good & Experience Lasting Incontinence Relief

No more leaks, 100% ultra-absorbent

Regain Comfort & Peace of Mind

Machine washable & Sexy

30-day money-back guarantee

Last day of MyBliss sales.

MyBliss™ MaxProof Panties - #1 Absorbent Underwear For Moderate to Heavy Leaks

4987 Reviews · Excellent

The N°1 LeakProof Panties in the US

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HOW it works


Live Like Incontinence Didn’t Exist

Incontinence is just another (common) bump in the road.

Luckily, you can make sure it doesn't stop you from enjoying life to its fullest.

With a discreet solution like MyBliss, you can look and feel like you’re wearing regular underwear.
Except now you’ll have the confidence of knowing no leaks will show through.

They’re absorbent, quick-drying and feel amazing all day long!

Maximum Leakproof Protection, That Gives You Comfort & Peace of Mind

The MyBliss™ Maxproof panty contains 4 layers of heavy-duty padding that's 100% invisible. Feels softer, comfier & lighter than any leakproof underwear you've ever worn.

Best of all they feel just like regular underwear!

If someone sees you in our underwear – they’ll never guess these panties are leak-proof. So, your secret stays with us.

These are designed to battle those moderate to heavy days and keep you protected, confident & have peace of mind no matter where you go.

3 Reasons why +32.000 users are going crazy over MyBliss Panties

1. Protects from moderate to heavy leaks

MyBliss panties provide complete protection for up to 24 consecutive hours. Their fabric is specially designed to block odors.

2. Proven to work!

Around 96% of our clients have adopted this solution for their leaks in the long term.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Because we’re sure you will see results , we now offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! Try it out, 100% risk free!

What most women experience with MyBliss within 14 days!

Based on a community perception study of 7281 people.


Of our users

No longer have any visible accidents.


Of our users

Are thrilled to have found a long-term solution.


Of our users

Report feeling more serene outside their homes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-Day free trial on all our panties. We know you'll love them.

Over 32,000+ women across the country wear our panties every single day.


For one reason: MyBliss panties are the best all-around leakproof panties for women who leak.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Leakproof Panties?

Although their appearance is the same as a normal panty, the difference lies in the special fabric they are made of, as this allows the absorption of menstrual flow without being transferred to your clothes. 

In addition, they are antibacterial to avoid odors and keep you dry. 

The best thing is that they are completely reusable, with just a wash after each use.

Our super
-satisfied users

Based on 4987 Verified Reviews
Lisa S.

A friend had recommended these incontinence panties she's been using for years.

I've been trying them out for the past two weeks and honestly, they're so much better than my old ones. They're super comfortable to wear all day, you practically forget you're wearing them.

They stay perfectly in place all day and are really comfortable, no irritation at all. Definitely recommend, especially for the price.

Susan H.

After trying out these panties, I must say, the leak protection is quite impressive.

It's not just about feeling comfortable; it's about the practicality of managing incontinence discreetly.

As someone who prioritizes my comfort and overall quality of life, I've found these panties to be a missing piece in my routine.

Barbara N.

I couldn't be more pleased with MyBliss panties. They have far surpassed my expectations. I'm so happy that I ran across the ad on Facebook. I'm more than happy to pass on to others how great they are.
Sincerely a happy customer

Laura G.

I am thrilled with the panties. I recently was put on some meds that help with overactive bladder and I am so thrilled that I do not have to wear pads any longer. the panties wash well and easily drip dry. Thank you.

Diane B.

I love these panties so much that I sent 5 pairs to my 50 yo step daughter who suffers from incontinence too and she loves them too.

It is such a relief to not need depends anymore. Thank you.

Cindy C.

They are unbelievably comfortable and I’m so glad that I bought them. They give wonderful confidence and I never have to worry about leaking.

Annie L.

I love they way they feel and not having to worry about liners or leaks of any size if I don't wear a liner. I ordered an xl and they fit a little big so will order again in a lg to compare the fit difference. They did seem to "gather" a little in the wash, but I will see how they look/feel/fit after they're dry. All in all, happy with my purchase and am going to purchase again.

Raquel R.

Love these!!! Kinda suprised they actually fit like real panties!! Very comfortable. Washed up nicely!

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